2023 Youth Teepee Summit RECAP

The Vision of the Tee Pee Summit August 2023 was to host a gathering of many voices in sharing our knowledge, wisdom, and experiences. The Tee Pee Summit is a time to gather and regain feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready for representation in our communities, economy, and society at large. Together, we are better able to advance shared social outcomes, health and wellbeing for Our First Nations Peoples. 

Tee Pee Summit participants included Indigenous youth & young adults, Elders, Indigenous motivational speakers, industry, and government leaders. The Tee Pee Summit is about networking, sharing stories, mentorship, social reconnection, including awareness and access to jobs, partnerships, training, and education opportunities in corporate, government and Indigenous sectors

3 Key Themes Highlighted

1. Strengthening our communities through health, safety and the recruitment of first responders

The first day of the event was jam-packed with excitement! In the morning, we got to hear from some amazing young voices like Kiya Bruno, a traditional vocalist who blew us away, and Naela Thunder Chief, Miss Blackfoot Canada, who is already making a difference in her community as an aspiring leader.

The afternoon was just as inspiring with two first responders, Sergeant Nancy Farmer and Acting Sergeant Hadiga Little Wolf, who gave some powerful speeches about their experiences.

And we can’t forget about Dr. Esther Tailfeathers, who spoke about the opioid crisis and its impact on youth. To wrap things up, our pals from Siksika Health, Charlene Brough and Rachael Edwards, gave us some valuable Nasal Naloxone Training.

We were honored to have dignitaries such as the Grand Chief Ivan Sawan from Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council, Councillor Ike Solway from Siksika Nation and Frankie Berland the Regional Director for Indigenous Services Canada join us for the event and brought inspiring greetings.

FNHC Staff at Youth Teepee Summit Registration Tables

2023 Youth Teepee Summit Agenda

Registration Information

The Youth Teepee Summit is a FREE event with meals provided, please register prior to the event so we have an estimate of how many people will be attending this event to empower our youth!  We encourage Indigenous youth and young adults to register for this event to learn, to connect and to have your voices heard. We look forward to seeing you all there!

If you’d prefer to download the forms and email the completed forms to us, please click the button below:

Email the completed forms to: [email protected]

2. Emphasizing the importance of sport for our youth

NHL Street and Rocks & Rings Launch

Day 2 was a blast! We launched the FNHC Sports & Recreation Pilot Project, which means sports are coming to your community! We teamed up with NHL Street, HEROS Hockey, Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings Curling presented by Curling Canada, and Rock Solid Productions to make it all happen. And the best part? We’ve got you covered on the equipment cost for community members. This initiative will have a positive impact on young First Nations people living in Alberta.

But that’s not all! We kicked off the day with Andrea Dion from Classroom Champions leading some ice breaker activities to get everyone pumped up! And we had a star-studded lineup of special guests, including sports advocate Rob Kerr, HEROS Hockey Executive Director Kevin Hodgson, and former Oilers Captain and Stanley Cup Champion ’11 Andrew Ference. They spoke about HEROS Hockey, NHL Street, and the importance of making hockey inclusive for all. We also had a Curling Panel featuring Curling Canada Board of Governor Roselle Gonsalves, Director of Operations for Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings Abbie Darnley, and First Nation curler and Partner at UnitedWeCurl Greydon Yee Lousion. They shared their experiences in Curling, and it was so inspiring!

In the afternoon, we hosted interactive activities led by NHL Street and Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings. It was a friendly competition, fun, and connection all rolled into one! And the best part? You got to see firsthand how these programs and equipment could look like in your communities. So get ready, because sports are coming your way!

We were honored to have dignitaries such as Grand Chief Leonard Standingontheroad, Confederacy of Treaty 6 First Nations, the Honourable Rick Wilson, Minister of Indigenous Relations, Government of Alberta, and his Worship Amarjeet Sohi, Mayor of the City of Edmonton, and Councillor Carlin Black Rabbit (Sikoha’tsista) from Siksika Nation join us for this announcement.

Visit the Sports and Recreation Pilot Project page to learn more about this exciting initiative and how you can be involved!

To learn more about these amazing organizations, click the logos below: 

The round dance led by the Logan Alexis Singers from the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation was a perfect way to end day 2. It brought everyone together in a celebration of our culture and traditions. The day was filled with laughter, games, and inspiring speeches from NHL Street, HEROS Hockey, Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings Curling, and Curling Canada. These organizations are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and providing opportunities for young people to get involved in sports and activities. It was a day of learning, growth, and connection, and we look forward to what the future will bring with this new Sports & Recreation Pilot Project.

3. Recognizing the arts as a powerful tool for community building

Let’s talk about the grand finale of our Youth Teepee Summit! On the last day we wanted to highlight the arts and how important they are for building connection and community. Our first speaker was none other than Amanda McLeod, a professional ballet dancer who shared her journey in the industry and how she had to leave home at the tender age of 10 to attend the National School of Ballet. We also had Telly James Hunt, a talented actor and storyteller, who led a hilarious improv learning session. He was joined by his colleague Aaron Marion-Dron, and together they showed us how much fun and silly improv can be!

After lunch, we had the pleasure of hosting Lannie Houle, an elite athlete and former Miss Universe contestant. She shared her inspiring experiences and sat down for an interview with Ashley Callingbull to discuss her journey. To wrap things up in a fun and engaging way, we had Conrad Plews, the owner of Black Market Tattoo and a talented Metis artist, lead our 2nd Annual Art Project. It was the perfect end to an amazing summit!

2023 Teepee Summit Speakers

 This year we had inspiring and influential speakers that will help highlight our key themes of:

  1. Strengthening our communities through health, safety and the recruitment of first responders,
  2. Emphasizing the importance of sport for our youth, 
  3. Recognizing the arts as a powerful tool for community building.

To see more about our speakers this year, click here.

2023 Youth Teepee Summit Event Information

Recognizing Our Booths

Know Before You Go

If you have youth under the age of 14 going to this event, we ask that they be accompanied by an adult. We will not have staff available to monitor younger teens/children. 

This is a substance free event. We ask that all participants do not bring or consume any substances while at the Youth Teepee Summit. This event is held on Poundmaker’s Treatment Grounds and we want to be respectful to our hosts. 


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Thank you to the Youth Tee Pee Summit 2023 Sponsors!