Enhancing the Funding Process

On June 1, 2019, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) transferred partial responsibility to the First Nations Health Consortium (FNHC) as a pilot project, to administer individual ISC approved payments under Jordan’s Principle, Alberta Region. As a result, FNHC implemented the Service Access Resolution Fund (SARF), which ensures the expedited delivery of services and provides ongoing and post-approval support to families accessing products and services through Jordan’s Principle. 

These wrap-around services include reaching out to families to confirm if services have been received, informing clients and vendors when approvals are close to completion, and the ability to provide guidance to families and service providers. 

Once a Jordan’s Principle application has been reviewed by Indigenous Services Canada, the decision will be relayed to the assigned Regional Service Coordinator and the SARF department for payment processing. 

Payment & Reimbursement Process

Individual payments approved by ISC are processed by either cheque, direct deposit and/or credit card, and are processed when all required forms related to payment are received by FNHC SARF Department.

Group Request payments are processed by the Alberta Region Jordan’s Principle Team.

1. ISC emails the FNHC SARF Department with Approval of Jordan’s Principle application(s).

2. FNHC SARF Department creates a file and gathers additional documentation required for the payment process, by emailing Vendor/Client attaching the required forms:

Direct Deposit FormFinancial Privacy Consent Form – Must be completed by the vendor or parent/guardian in order to have any payments processed. 

Reimbursement Form –  Reimbursements are processed based on actual receipts provided and Clients are reimbursed only for the specific items indicated in the approval email from Jordan’s Principle.

Confirmation of Product or Service Received Form – Provided when items are shipped to children/youth.

All completed forms are returned to FNHC by one of the following:

Fax: (780) 784-8842

Email: [email protected]

Mail:  Attn:  SARF Department

  • First Nations Health Consortium
  • 17015 – 105 Avenue NW
  • Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1M5

3. Vendors/Clients email the SARF Department with the required forms and all the required documents requested, which may include invoices and receipts; 

4. When all the required forms have been obtained by the SARF Department and the Manager has signed, payment will be processed.

5. Vendor/Client to email confirmation of receipt of Payment to SARF at [email protected]. 

Note: FNHC SARF Department has up to 15 business days to process payments.