Sports & Recreation Pilot Project

We have teamed up with NHL Street, HEROS Hockey, Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings Curling  presented by Curling Canada and Rock Solid Productions to bring you fun, inclusive sport into your community! The First Nations Health Consortium will work with each Nation interested in implementing this pilot project in their community and we will cover the cost of the equipment that will be used by your community members! It’s an amazing initiative that’s sure to make a positive impact on the lives of young First Nations people in Alberta.

FloorCurl by Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings Curling

FloorCurl is a fun intramural activity great for people of all ages to enjoy some friendly competition. As part of the Alberta First Nation Health Consortium, we are offering you a great opportunity to bring FloorCurl to your First Nations community.

FloorCurl offers a unique and fun new program for your schools, community centres, and more. With FloorCurl, you can offer weekly leagues, activities and drop-in programs for individuals of all ages or bring curling to school PE classes, introducing kids to a new sport through classroom educational curriculum along with fun intramural challenges.

NHL Street Program

The NHL Street program has made its way to First Nations Communities in Alberta. The First Nations Health Consortium has teamed up with NHL Street and HEROS Hockey to bring this program to you community! This awesome program is designed to get young people moving, working together, and building important skills through street hockey. 

You can expect a fast-paced game that kids of all skill levels can learn and play and will teach teamwork, creativity, and resilience. No ice. Limited rules. Unlimited fun. 

Pilot Project Criteria:

    1. First Nations community in Alberta.
    2. A Youth Leader Volunteer willing to lead these activities.
    3. Leadership Approval (Examples: Chief and Council, Education Directors, Youth Directors, Recreation Directors, etc.)

What are the steps to implementing this in your community?

Step 1: You will need someone willing to take on the role of “Youth Leader Volunteer” in your community.

Step 2: You will need support from your leadership to ensure this project is fully implemented and overseen.

Step 3: Fill out our program agreement form and submit it to [email protected]

Step 4: Our FNHC Sports and Recreation Coordinator will reach out to coordinate with you regarding equipment, training, program outlines and expectations.

Step 5: To ensure the project is successful, we will need to have regular check-ins and photo updates from the Youth Leader Volunteer from your Nation to the FNHC Sport and Recreation Coordinator.

Submit your questions here!

Sports & Recreation Program Inquiries

You can also call the Sports and Recreation Coordinator directly at 780-784-8835.