As told by the parents of a 16 year old girl in Calgary, Alberta

We first reached out to the First Nations Health Consortium – Jordan’s Principle in May 2019. We needed urgent financial assistance to obtain a private Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) clinical assessment for our daughter, who was not eligible to access the FASD assessment through Alberta Health Services. We were assigned a Caseworker right away, who supported us and gently walked us through all the necessary steps to submit a funding request. It did not take long, and our request was approved – Jordan’s Principle fully funded the private FASD assessment. We again reached out to First Nations Health Consortium later in 2019 for additional funding for counselling services; and then once again for further funding for our daughter to attend long term intensive drug rehabilitation treatment program.

We were at a terrible point in our lives, and our daughter’s life was hanging in the balance due to our limited financial means, her urgent mental health needs, and the community’s inability to provide any real assistance.



We are very thankful every single day for the lifeline of hope and for all the help that it has provided to our family.