As told by Sue Humphry, Registered Psychologist #2102

In my role as a Psychologist, I have had the opportunity to provide services through the First Nations Health Consortium. I was contracted to complete psychological assessments of school age clients. My experience with the Enhanced Service Coordination of the psychological assessments has been outstanding.

The communication was prompt and all interactions were positive and professional. The school team and parents received the required paperwork as part of the assessment process and this paper work was ready at the time of the assessment. The school teams were welcoming, flexible and appreciative of the conferencing prior to and following the assessment. The efficiency of this process enabled me to complete the assessment with the student, prepare the report and conduct post conference sessions with parents and school team within a short time frame (4-5 weeks).

This provided the opportunity for students to have access to services and supports targeted to the students needs, without delay.

The students who were served through the First Nations Health Consortium were students with complex needs, requiring immediate support. It has been my pleasure to be contracted through this Consortium to provide support to families and school teams.