What we do!

The First Nations Health Consortium helps connect First Nations families to social, education and health care services to ensure First Nations children’s needs are being met.

Families in need of health, social or educational services and supports for their children can reach the First Nations Health Consortium by calling 1-844-558-8748.

What happens after I call?

After you call in, you will be connected to a Jordan’s Principle Access Worker who will work with you to identify and connect you directly to the appropriate resources. Families who need more assistance will be put in touch with a Regional Service Coordinator who will discuss the child’s needs in more detail. The coordinator will then help to connect the child and family to the services and supports they need. The coordinator will stay in contact with the family to oversee the child’s progress and to ensure that the services are adequate and meeting the needs of the family.

The service coordinator will evaluate any gaps in services or supports and work with the provincial and federal governments to adjust them when necessary.

When can I call the First Nations Health Consortium?

Any First Nation youth or child that is in need of social, educational or health care assistance can connect directly with us through our toll free number 1-844-558-8748.

Who can use the First Nations Health Consortium services?

All Alberta First Nations children and youth have access to the First Nations Health Consortium. 

Our Children... Our Passion

The First Nations Health Consortium will provide:
Jordan’s Principle – Enhanced Service Coordination; the link between the child and the needed programs, services, supplies, supports and equipment.